Star Wars Battlefront Rumors Claim Lengthy Single Player Campaign and Aggressive DLC

Star Wars Battlefront Rumors Claim Lengthy Single Player Campaign and Aggressive DLC

Later this year Star Wars fans all around the globe will be huddled in hushed silence in darkened cinema screens, nervously anticipating what will follow the traditional opening-crawl of yellow text.

Meanwhile, a month earlier gamers who also happen to have an interest in Star Wars will be enjoying (hopefully) EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront on their next-gen systems and PC’s.

Not much is actually know about DICE’s reboot of the Star Wars: Battlefront series as both publisher EA and developer DICE have been rather secretive when it comes to the topic of Star Wars.

That said, leaks are bound to happen and if the latest round of rumors are to be believed then it looks like fans will be getting serviced to no end, but they can also expect to be on the receiving end of some harsh DLC marketing, at least according to

The aforementioned site has actually got a bit of credibility as they previously got some details about the new film, The Force Awakens pretty much spot on. However, the following should still be taken as a rumor, so don’t get too excited. Get a little excited, but keep it in check.

According to the new rumors, the single-player experience will take place over course of the entire Star Wars saga, going all the way from the prequel trilogy (please let us shoot Jar-Jar,) the original trilogy and even a small section from The Force Awakens as well as space and land battles, though there’s no mention as to whether they take place concurrently within a single game.

For the multiplayer it’s alleged that up to 64 players will be able to fight on each side, making a tally of 128 players in a match. OK, that does seem a little far fetched, but the following should come as no surprise to anybody: EA has an aggressive DLC plan for the game.

It’s rumored that Star Wars: Battlefront will follow the same direction as Battlefield in terms of how DLC is deployed. There’s to be a total of five expansions for the game with the first to release during the back end of 2015 and the first few to be themed around the upcoming film.

Another interesting point is the inclusion of a ‘Heroes’ system much like the one found with Star Wars: Battlefront 2 whereby players will be able to play as special characters from the Star Wars universe.

This all sounds like everything fans could wish for (not including DLC already being planned way before the game has launched,) but take it all with a spot of sodium as none of the above can be confirmed.

The above isn’t everything but it’s the main points covered, you can check out the extensive rumor list through here.