Star Wars: Battlefront – Tons of Characters, Weapons, Power-Ups and Star Cards Detailed

Star Wars: Battlefront – Tons of Characters, Weapons, Power-Ups and Star Cards Detailed

Star Wars: Battlefront is a rather big game, and it has a large variety of characters, weapons, power-ups and equipment for you to use, on top of the Star Cards to empower you in battle.

As part of the new planetary exploration site, many of those were detailed. As we did yesterday for screenshots and video, today we gathered all the information on those elements, and there’s a ton to learn.

You can check everything out below, and learn more on who you’re going to play in the game, and on what kind of blasters you’ll kill all that rebel scum with.



Drawn from many homeworlds and species, Rebel troopers were the Alliance’s front-line soldiers in the war against the Empire. They defended the Alliance’s leaders on countless worlds and during many operations, changing uniforms and tactics to meet each challenge.

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A green-skinned reptilian species, Rodians come from the jungle planet of Rodia, but they can be found throughout the galaxy –– from the Core World elite to the lowest of the Outer Rim fringe.

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Snow Rebel

Rebel scouts used a low-tech solution for security by patrolling the snowy plains on tauntauns, furry bipedal lizards able to withstand the planet’s frigid conditions.

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The rebels stationed on Hoth were trained specifically for operation in subzero terrain.

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Ishi Tib

Originating from the planet Tibrin, the amphibious Ishi Tib species can be recognized by their green skin, characteristic eyestalks, and overall bird- and lizard-like appearance.

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Quarren are an alien species characterized by the four tentacles that protrude from their jaws. They have deep turquoise eyes, and each hand is capped with finned or suction-cup-tipped fingers. Quarren hail from the planet Mon Cala, a world they share with the Mon Calamari.

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Magma Rebel

During the Clone Wars, Sullust hosted a battle between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Years later, the Alliance to Restore the Republic used the planet as the staging area for its fleet for the Battle of Endor.

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Rebels stationed on Sullust are trained specifically for operation on the dangerous volcanic terrain.

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Proud, self-determined, and even arrogant according to some, the Zabrak is one of the most independent species in the galaxy. These Iridonia-born carnivores are recognizable by their horns and facial tattoos.

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Sullustans are humanoid beings from the planet Sullust with two flaps of jowls around their cheeks. Nien Nunb, co-pilot to Lando Calrissian in the Battle of Endor, was a notable Sullustan.

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A green-skinned humanoid species with long, noseless faces and red eyes, Duros were a common sight in the galaxy, found everywhere from the corridors of power on Coruscant to dingy cantinas on Tatooine.



Stormtroopers are elite shock troops fanatically loyal to the Empire and impossible to sway from the Imperial cause. They wear imposing white armor, which offers a wide range of survival equipment and temperature controls to allow the soldiers to survive in almost any environment. Stormtroopers wield blaster rifles and pistols with great skill, and attack in hordes to overwhelm their enemies.


Biker Scout

Biker scouts are lightly armored compared with other stormtroopers, which allows them to move more quickly and easily in a range of environments. They’re also trained for more independence and adaptability than most Imperial troops. The Empire used biker scouts for a range of missions, including reconnaissance and infiltration. On Endor, they used speeder bikes to patrol the forests, guarding against threats to the shield generator protecting the second Death Star during its construction in orbit above the moon.

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Snowtroopers are stormtroopers trained for operations in arctic conditions and equipped with specialized gear to protect them against cold. During the Battle of Hoth, they were deployed from AT-ATs to quickly and ruthlessly take control of Echo Base.

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Magma Trooper

Magma troopers — a specialized division of Imperial stormtroopers — crush revolts on volcanic mining worlds like Sullust. They wear armor designed to withstand extremely high temperatures.

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Shadow Trooper

Seemingly appearing out of thin air, the Shadow Trooper can be a truly unpleasant surprise using its cloaking device. Be extra observant and stay away from the T-21 Heavy Blaster fire.

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Stormtroopers dispatched to desert worlds wear specialized gear and are nicknamed sandtroopers. Sandtroopers wear standard stormtrooper armor augmented with cooling units, a helmet sand filter, and a survival backpack with extra rations and water. While hunting for the Death Star plans on Tatooine, sandtroopers used native dewbacks as mounts.

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Shock Trooper

Equipped with a powerful DLT-19 Heavy Blaster, the fearless shock trooper should be considered a real threat. These troops can withstand a lot of blaster damage — and deal a lot of it themselves.

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Weapons and Equipment

Impact Grenade

Having a smaller blast radius than a Thermal Detonator, Impact Grenades explode directly on contact with any object.


DTL20-A Pulse Cannon

An incredibly powerful long-range rifle utilizing the frame assembly of a DLT-20A, the so-called pulse cannon has become the weapon of choice for many sharpshooters. The power of its shot is dependent on the charge-up time.

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Depending on the charge-up time, the Bowcaster fires one or more explosive bolts in a horizontal arc.

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RT-97C Blaster

The RT-97C is a versatile heavy blaster, fitted with optics to allow use at long range.

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DL-44 Blaster Pistol

The DL-44 is one of the most powerful blaster pistols in the galaxy. It delivers massive damage at close range, but overheats quickly.

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DLT-19 Blaster

The DLT-19 is a heavy blaster with an excellent rate of fire that deals heavy damage at long range, capable of pinning down troops and taking out large groups of enemies.

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E-11 Blaster

A powerful and accurate blaster rifle, the E-11 is ideal for use in all environments. It has been adopted as the standard weapon of the Imperial Forces.

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DH-17 Blaster

The DH-17 is a fully automatic blaster pistol. Its high rate of fire, along with reasonable accuracy, make it an ideal weapon for medium-range combat.

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SE-14C Blaster

The SE-14C is a blaster pistol that fires 5-round bursts, making it ideal for close-quarter combat.

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T-21 Blaster

The T-21 is a robust heavy blaster that delivers massive damage at long ranges. Its only drawback is its slow rate of fire and lack of optics.

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EE-3 Blaster

The EE-3 is an optically fitted Blaster Rifle capable of 3-round burst fire at long ranges.

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CA-87 Blaster

The CA-87 is a retro-fitted Jawa blaster that is extremely deadly at short range, but near useless at medium and long ranges.

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Scout Pistol

A light side-arm effective at taking out opponents at close range, but it quickly loses its capabilities at longer distances.

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A280C Blaster

A280C is a sturdy and powerful blaster rifle that has a high rate of fire and excellent firepower. Modified from the A280 rifle, it was the favored weapon of Alliance commandos.


DF.9 Turret

A fixed emplacement laser cannon mounted on an armored four-meter-tall tower, the DF.9 has a full 360-degree firing arc and a rapid firing rate.

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Atgar Turret

The Atgar 1.4 FD P-Tower is an anti-vehicle cannon with enough power to disable even an AT-ST walker. Its rugged dependability means it functions in the harshest environments.

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Thermal Imploder

The Thermal Imploder compresses and heats the surrounding atmosphere, creating a vacuum that produces a violent implosion within a massive radius.


Sensor Droid

This Droid patrols its immediate surroundings, scans for enemies, and attacks them on sight.


Squad Shield

Portable energy shield that protects users from blasters and other energy weapons.


Orbital Strike

A lethal cannon barrage from planetary orbiting ships, covering a large area.


Blaster Cannon

The Mark II is a deployable blaster cannon that uses devastating firepower to keep the enemy at bay.


Proximity Bomb

A powerful explosive that triggers when enemies are nearby.


Smart Rocket

A rocket that can be dumb-fired at any target. Automatically switches to guided mode when it detects an enemy vehicle.


Infantry Turret

Automatically detects and attacks enemy soldiers.


Star Cards

Ion Torpedo

A homing ion torpedo that is designed to deal heavy damage to vehicles and stationary weapons.

StarWarsBattlefront (36)

Thermal Detonator

The most popular and widely used grenade in the galaxy. It is easy to use and has deadly results.

StarWarsBattlefront (43)

Jump Packs

The back-mounted Jump Pack uses burst thrusters to allow its user to jump over large distances. It is well suited for traversing obstructions and evading danger.

StarWarsBattlefront (42)

Personal Energy Shield

The Personal Energy Shield provides protection from energy weapons. However, it offers no defense against kinetic weapons like Cycler Rifles and grenades.

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Homing Shot

A homing shot that locks on to enemy soldiers from afar.

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Smoke Grenade

Smoke grenades provide dense smoke that blocks visibility and lock-on weapons.

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MPL-57 Barrage

The versatile MPL-57 (Multi-Purpose Launcher) Barrage fires a volley of 3 grenades with a short delay fuse. It’s capable of firing a wide range of ammunition, making it popular on the battlefield.

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Flash Grenade

A non-lethal explosive which creates a bright energy flash and loud noise to disorient opponents.

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Cycler Rifle

Designed to fire solid projectiles, this crude but reliable rifle is excellent at hitting targets at extreme ranges and penetrating energy shields.

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