Mysterious Star Wars Game Entitled Project Maverick Appears on PSN

Star Wars: Project Maverick is seemingly an upcoming game from EA that has recently been added to Europe's PSN slate.

Even though Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order released only a few months back, it seems like a new Star Wars game could soon be coming to a PS4 console near you.

Recently seen via a Twitter bot that goes by the handle @psnrelease, an unknown new Star Wars title that is being called Project Maverick has seemingly been added to PSN recently. This bot tracks all new additions that come to PSN regions around the world and Project Maverick is seemingly categorized as a game that was added to the Europe’s PSN. And if you happen to think that this bot could be faulty, it’s worth noting that its track record has been pretty spot-on so far. The bot caught wind of the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo earlier this week on PSN prior to Square Enix officially announcing its release.

So just what is Project Maverick exactly? Well, that’s the confusing part – – we have no idea. Up until now, EA, the owner of the Star Wars license when it comes to video games, hasn’t said a word about a project of this name. Furthermore, it hasn’t even been teased that we would get word on a new Star Wars game from the publisher at any point soon.

It’s also worth noting that because of the title of this game, Project Maverick, it seems as though this could still be a title that is early in development. The “Project” part of the name seems to indicate that this game doesn’t even have an official name just yet, meaning that what has been added to PSN here could just be a demo or beta of some sort. That’s just conjecture on my own part, but it could make relative sense.

For now, the only thing we officially know about Project Maverick is the codename of the game to go along with a rather nondescript image. The picture in question features the Project Maverick logo in addition to showing a Super Star Destroyer in the background. Perhaps this means that the game could be a space-faring venture of some sort.

Regardless of what this game might end up becoming, the fact that it has already been added to PSN might mean that we could be hearing something directly from EA sooner rather than later. We’ll keep you posted here on DualShockers as we continue to hear more about Star Wars: Project Maverick.

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