This Unreal Engine Remake of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Looks Awesome

This Unreal Engine Remake of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Looks Awesome

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is looking pretty good in this fan-made unreal engine remake.

I have always been a fan of fans recreating some of their favorite worlds in either Unity or Unreal Engine. One of my absolute favorites is the Ocarina of Time remake that you have probably seen a countless amount of times. Now, another fantastic Nintendo 64 title got the Unreal Engine polish.

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron was released way back in 1998 on both the PC and N64 and received a couple of sequals that were developed on the Nintendo Gamecube. Yet, the first one still holds the strongest spot in my nostalgic heart. So, it is awesome to see that fans still remember one of the greatest Star Wars games ever made. You can take a look at the Unreal Engine HD remake in the video below uploaded by the YouTube channel Thanaclara.


While, yes this does look fantastic, I would hesitate before going back to look at the original because, boy, it does not age all too well, at least, graphically. It contained insanely close draw distances and muddy, N64 and PS1 era textures. If you want to keep those nostalgia goggles stick intact, it might be best if you imagine this is what it used to look like. Thankfully, the sequels on the GameCube still hold up decently well today.

Whenever I see someone remaking a Star Wars video game themselves, it just makes me incredibly sad how EA has mishandled the franchise so far. Hopefully, Respawn can absolutly blow us away with Star War Jedi: Fallen Order.

If you would like to follow the progress of this remake, you can so here.