Star Wars: Squadrons Details Progression, Rewards, and Challenges

Star Wars: Squadrons Details Progression, Rewards, and Challenges

Star Wars: Squadrons devs provide an in-depth breakdown of how you'll progress through the online experience when it launches on October 2.

In case you’d forgotten, Star Wars: Squadrons launches next week. Today, EA is pulling back the curtain on how you’ll progress through the online experience and what rewards you can expect to earn. Considering the team is planning to let you get most loadout and cosmetic options through gameplay, it’s important they get this part of the game right. Obviously, we won’t know exactly how well the progression drip-feed is tuned until the game releases. However, this early look seems positive.

Regardless of which online mode you jump into when you boot up Star Wars: Squadrons you’ll start earning experience. This feeds into your personal level, which gives you tons of Requisition points. These are used to unlock different ship components which give you more options for building out your dream starfighter. By the time you hit level 40, you’ll have enough Requisition points to unlock every ship component available at launch.

Outside of your personal level, there are several challenges for you to complete. These provide you with Glory, which you can use to get new cosmetic items. On top of the rotating daily challenges, players can engage with the game’s season pass that EA is calling Operations.

These are eight-week cycles that give you a chance to nab unique cosmetics. These limited-time events have six ranks for you to work your way through. Obviously, the best players that play the most will unlock the highest levels of the pass. And worry not, the whole thing resets every eight weeks. So, if you miss out on one, you can still hop into the next one without feeling behind. All told, it seems like a solid enough system that doesn’t force microtransactions on players. Which is more than you can say for most EA games.

Star Wars: Squadrons launches on October 2 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.