Star Wars: Squadrons Showcases New Single-Player Footage at Gamescom

Star Wars: Squadrons Showcases New Single-Player Footage at Gamescom

During Gamescom Opening Night Live, a new trailer gave a closer look at the single-player campaign in store for Star Wars: Squadrons.

While we’ve had plenty of Star Wars experiences over the years from EA, the upcoming Star Wars: Squadrons will especially be noteworthy for players that want to hop into the cockpit of their favorite ships from the series. With the title set to arrive this fall, there is a lot worth looking forward to, with EA giving a new look at what to expect from Squadrons.

During Gamescom Opening Night Live, EA shared a new trailer for the upcoming Squadrons, with the footage specifically giving a closer look at the game’s single-player campaign. As you can tell from the gameplay footage, players can look forward to epic space battles from both the Imperial and Rebel Alliance’s perspective, and there are a couple familiar faces that you will also catch from the trailer.

You can check out the new single-player gameplay footage for Squadrons below:

Squadrons was first revealed earlier this year and brings players a long-awaited return to a ship-based Star Wars experience. Featuring several of the series’ iconic ships such as the X-Wing, A-Wing, and Y-Wing, Squadrons will put players through a single-player experience alongside a number of multiplayer modes. Alongside these modes, the PS4 and PC versions of the game will also feature the ability to play entirely in VR through the PlayStation VR headset and other supported VR devices on PC.

As someone that loved past Star Wars titles like Rogue Squadron, personally Squadrons is a title that I’m very much looking forward to playing this fall, especially to see what the experience of flying its iconic ships will be like in VR. Between its mix of single and multiplayer modes, it seems like Squadrons will have a little bit of something for every Star Wars fan when it arrives this fall.

Star Wars: Squadrons will release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 2, 2020.