Star Wars: Squadrons Streamed for 88,900,000 Minutes in its First Week

Star Wars: Squadrons Streamed for 88,900,000 Minutes in its First Week

EA released some pretty big numbers about Star Wars: Squadrons' first week.

Star Wars: Squadrons released on October 2 and has been met with favorable reviews from critics with DualShockers’ own Ryan Meitzler giving the game an 8 out of 10 saying that, “Squadrons manages to not only faithfully recreate the sights and sounds of Star Wars in a thrilling way, but is also one of the most purely fun Star Wars games that I’ve played in some time.” To celebrate the one-week milestone, the official EA Star Wars Twitter account shared some numbers.

In the tweet from October 9, EA says that in its first week Star Wars: Squadrons was streamed for a whopping 88,900,000 minutes. To put that in perspective, 88,900,000 minutes is equivalent to over 169 years. That’s clearly a big number, but it makes sense as the game was number one in digital sales for the week.

Additionally, the tweet says that 15% of players played in VR and the most popular ships for the Rebellion and the Empire were the X-Wing and the TIE Interceptor respectively. Both are pretty classic picks so it makes sense that players would flock to them the most.

In terms of destruction, there have been 97,855,884 Capital ships destroyed and 599,481,422 Starfighters destroyed. Half a billion wrecked Starfighters is quite the number especially for a game that has only been out for a week.

Finally, the tweet says that a total of 15,970273 drifts have been performed by individual players.

It’s too soon to say how the sales for Star Wars: Squadrons will look when compared to EA’s last multiplayer Star Wars game, Star Wars: Battlefront 2. However, as Squadrons doesn’t have the infamy and controversy surrounding it, it’s not far out to assume that it might perform better than its predecessor.

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