Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Demo Impressions

October 15, 2010

In the intro of the demo to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II we learn that our character is an evil clone created by Vader who continues to have memories and psychic images telling him to turn on Vader and escape the clone lab to claim his destiny. Quickly this decision is made and before you know it you find yourself fighting Stormtroopers with dual light-sabers, falling from a building at the clone factory, using the force to destroy objects in your way, and this is just the beginning.

The decent length, action-packed demo is well worth the wait for downloading and installing and will give you the ability to force grip objects and throw them at your enemies, control the mind of unsuspecting foes you manage to sneak up on, blast airborne and on-foot Stormtroopers with force lightning, and it doesn’t stop there. The force can be used to kill most enemies, resulting in often hilarious results.


The real challenge of the game comes from the unique levels which have you outrunning a hail of energy gun-fire destroying your surroundings and even enemies (showing that being a Stormtrooper isn’t exactly the best job out there), throwing TIE fighters into towers using the force, and even crushing Imperial Walkers with an overload of force fury.

The graphics are pretty much great, they might not be the best you’ve ever seen but they are certainly in the category of excellent. The gameplay is tight and on point, with nothing really taking a long time to figure out or get used to, it all feels intuitive and natural as you slash, dash, and of course use the force in any way you can think of. One of my favorite things to do was to pick up and throw the Stormtroopers but it’s even better to pick up a large heavy object and throw it at them! Mini-bosses take a note from the God of War series by having you fight them until they are weak and then perform a quick time event to end them.

One of the best things in the game is the fact that the checkpoints you restart from after death bring you exactly where you left off without resetting the objects in the level providing a more enjoyable experience than most games as you won’t have to keep doing the same simple things over and over again while figuring out the game’s slightly puzzling moments.

From my time with the playable demo now available on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network I was very impressed. Some of the highlights that the demo showcased were the upcoming game’s variety and high quality. There is enough game in this demo to get a really good feel for what you are getting into and if you don’t enjoy it then you might want to check if you still have a pulse.

Even if you are just a casual Star Wars fan, this game makes it cooler than you can imagine and you should definitely try out the demo ASAP. In the latest Star Wars game, The Force Unleashed II dropping October 26, 2010, gamers will be treated to a seriously entertaining experience. Star Wars fans might just find this as the best game ever, action game fans will surely have a good time, and an overall this is a title that seems like it is made with a very high caliber of thought put into its level and gameplay design.

Jon Ireson

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