Star Wars: The Old Republic Battle of the Screenshots – Empire

Star Wars: The Old Republic Battle of the Screenshots – Empire

Chad and I have been exploring the closed beta of Star Wars: The Old Republic for the last few days. We don’t think we saw enough to write a full preview, and that’s why we’re going to wait a little more before we post them. You can check on DuakShockers on November the 24th for our full blown previews. You read correctly, by the way, I did write “previewS”. Chad joined the republic as a pitiful Smuggler, while I decided to let myself be entangled by the passions of the Dark Side, and enrolled in the ranks of the Empire as a Sith Warrior.

The experience provided by the two sides is so different that we’re going to write two entirely separate previews, that are going to hit the site on the same time on Thanksgiving. Moreover Chad and me are extremely different MMORPG gamers (just to bring a simplistic example, he loves World of Warcraft and I can’t stand it), so it’s going to be interesting.

This said, we’re still going to show you something today, and as you probably noticed from the title, it will be screenshots: a lot of them. 

All the screenshots in this gallery have been taken at the maximum settings. Only antialiasing is still disabled in the Beta (the option is present, just not selectable).

You can check the full gallery below, and head here to see the Republic side, where Chad posted his own screenshots. Do pick your side and vote on who won this “Battle on the screenshots” in the comments below. Empire or Republic? Light Side or Dark Side? You decide. May the Force be with you.