Star Wars: The Old Republic Concludes A Busy News Week With Another Q&A

on June 9, 2012 2:25 PM

It’s been a busy week for Star Wars: The Old Republic, first we see a trailer at E3 giving us look at enough new content to fill an expansion pack, then BioWare releases news about the upcoming server transfers. Now to cap that off ¬†we have yet another Q&A, proving that BioWare seems to be back on the weekly track for them after the layoff hiccups.

First off we have confirmation that group finder will allow you to start with a partial group of your friends, and fill in the rest with strangers. What a relief for smaller guilds looking to put together a raid group.¬†Traders may be happy to know that you might soon be able to forget schematics, allowing players to clear out all the non-useful ones they’ve accumulated, not to make room, but to keep down the massive clutter.

There’s not much meat to this one, but at least we got something to cap off the week. You can read the detailed explanations of presence and other technical answers on the official site if you’re curious.

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