Star Wars: The Old Republic Gets Adaptive Social Gear And Class Balances

on June 6, 2012 1:07 PM

Theres more news for Star Wars: The Old Republic and this time it’s not from E3. First up there’s a new video out that details what you can do with the new adaptive social armor. Social armors are iconic looking armor sets that were previously only available in light armor, but with Game Update 1.3 will automatically change to match your class’s best armor type. Finally you can tank in a metal bikini!

On a more serious note, Senior Designer Austin Peckenpaugh released a news post today detailing class changes in the upcoming patch. Tanks will be the most heavily affected, with their threat generation doubled from an extra 50% to an extra 100%. The AOE taunts designed for wrangling groups of enemies have also gotten some improvements, which should make endgame PvE content easier on the tanks. The one exception is the Shadow/Assassin tank whose self-heals were a bit overpowered and have been scaled back.

Gunslingers and Snipers have long been some of the least played classes, and now BioWare is adjusting them to make them more attractive to players. Their new capstone abilities from the skill trees will allow for better DPS and energy management, which should make the classes easier and more effective at their roles. Hopefully these changes will encourage more players to give the class a try.

Commandos and Mercenaries also get a few changes. While damage is right where they want it, BioWare is trying to make resource management a bit easier with a number of changes to that effect. If any of the changes interest or affect you, then go to the official site and read all about it, otherwise you can stay here and watch the new adaptive social armor trailer.

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