Star Wars: The Old Republic Gets Death Star-Sized 1.2 Patch Notes, Weekly Q&A

Star Wars: The Old Republic Gets Death Star-Sized 1.2 Patch Notes, Weekly Q&A

Patch 1.2 “Legacy” has been deployed to the Star Wars: The Old Republic public test server, coming with an enormous set of patch notes that will keep players busy reading for a while.

Major elements include the already known Legacy System, UI customization, a new Operation, a new Warzone, a new Flashpoint, Ranked Warzones, Guild Banks, new daily quests on Corellia, new gear and the ability to match the color of worn equipment to that of the chest piece. 

That’s definitely not all, though, as there are several more interesting new additions and tweaks that will potentially make SWTOR players happy. Here are a few highlights:

  • It’ll be possible to use speeders in spaceports and orbital stations.
  • The Character Texture Atlasing option will come as a cookie to those that sport a high performance rig, allowing them to display better looking textures in game.
  • Players will be able to adjust the number of player characters visible on screen to improve performance.
  • The ability to land directly on planets that have an orbital station has been added (less loading screens are always a good thing).
  • Classes will undergo a radical rebalancing, with a lot of tweaks across the board.
  • Combat logging will be implemented.
  • C2 and V2 droids will undergo several upgrades making them less talkative, but more useful.
  • Crafting will receive a  radical overhaul, with most crafting skills becoming much more useful in the endgame.
  • Current Flashpoints and Operations will receive several tweaks.
  • Loot drops from Operations ad Flashpoints will take group composition in account.
  • Two vanity pets (Orobird and Tauntaun) will be implemented.
  • A male formal suit and a female elegant dress have been added to the social vendors in Coruscant and Dromund Kaas (but no male version of the Leia Bikini will be added, for now).
  • Armoring modification will be extractable from items with set bonuses, allowing players to fully customize their appearance using the mod system even in the endgame.
  • A “Recruit” PvP equipment set will be added, to ease transition to level 50 PvP.
  • Target of Target visualization will be added.

Of course this is just a small excerpt of the full list, that you can find here.

Leveling a character up to level 10 on the test server will grant a title on the live servers, while those that will go as far as completing chapter 1 will receive a second title.

On top of the 1.2 patch notes BioWare also released the weekly Q&A, responding to some of the questions from the forum dwellers. Here are a few highlights:

  • The ability to acquire further character slots per server is in the planning stages.
  • Combat revives might be added to Commandos and Mercenaries in the future, possibly at the same time as the addition of a fifth quickbar slot.
  • Uptrading commendations might be implemented again a while down the road.
  • An overhaul of the achievement system is in the initial design stages.
  • A “barber shop” is planned, but won’t come soon.

Principal Lead Systems Designer Damion Schubert also shared some more details on how BioWare prioritizes new implementations. You can read the whole Q&A here, and post your questions for next week here.