Star Wars: The Old Republic gets more Q&A and Clarification on Alliances

on May 12, 2012 1:00 PM

Many people that have been following Star Wars: The Old Republic recently might have noticed that Electronic Arts called the coming Game Update 1.3 “Alliances” at an earnings call conference. Players of course immediately started speculating that this was hinting at some sort of guild alliance system. Now however we have official confirmation that it’s not the case. Alliances instead refers to the group finder system that will be the main feature of Game Update 1.3

Though some of the planned features of that update have been scaled back to get it out faster and help combat The Old Republic’s dwindling subscription numbers, there are some other big changes coming to player armor. First, all social armor will be able to scale┬ádynamically┬áto the player’s class and armor weight. So when a Sith Juggernaut puts on the dancer’s outfit it’ll automatically become heavy armor.

In Game Update 1.3 players will also be able to add augment slots to all armor using those modification stations you’ve seen laying around but never used. Originally in beta you had to use them to swap mods out of items, but that was removed, which left them with no purpose. Now you’ll be able to use them, and a crafted augment kit to add an augment slot to any item. This effectively means that any modifiable item is now viable for endgame gear.

In addition, one thing I know I’ve been wondering is why Game Update 1.2 removed the vendors in warzones. BioWare has finally decided to address this stating that players were entering the warzones to sell and repair then leaving, and the vendors will be back once they find a way to disable the sell and repair features of those vendors. That’s it for the major changes, if you want to see the rest, you can read the full article over on the offical SWTOR forums.

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