Star Wars: The Old Republic is “Still Growing”

Star Wars: The Old Republic is “Still Growing”

A few days ago we learned that Star Wars: The Old Republic has a subscriber base of about 1.7 million, but we still didn’t know whether that number is solidified by a positive ongoing trend or if the game is actually bleeding players.

According to Production Director Dallas Dickinson the trend is positive, as he told to Gamasutra during a interview at GDC:

“[Retention] has been very good. The game is retaining really well. We’re still in a place where we’re growing, which is awesome.”

And it indeed is. Most MMORPGs released in the last few years were, at this point in their lifespan, already bleeding users left ad right.

The first few months are always critical, and managing to get to the first major content expansion in April with a growing trend may prove to be the key to Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s possible long term success, together with keepnig both quantity ad quality of new content high, something that BioWare seems to be hell bent on doing.