Star Wars: The Old Republic Q&A Discusses Credit Sinks and Classes

July 14, 2012

Credit sinks have always been a problem for BioWare in Star Wars: The Old Republic. When the game first launched, repair costs were so high it discouraged many from even bothering to try the game’s hardest engame content. As Legacy perks have been added in over the last major updates to take some of the burden, repair costs have dropped significantly. BioWare is still considering making changes though, but not until they’ve had more time to study the data.

Operatives and their Smuggler brethren have long faced challenges in endgame raiding content. While the ability to cloak and dissapear between attacks is invaluable in PvP, bosses tend to instantly break an operative out of stealth, or worse target them for trying, flattening the squishy player before the tank has a chance to respond. Senior Designer Austin Peckenpaugh promised that this issue is climbing ever higher on their to-do list, and the development team is discussing solutions.


As a final treat, we’re also told that the codex will get a polish pass, and that BioWare might even consider re-adding some of the removed titles. I know I’d like to see the “Lady” title returned to Sith females as an option instead of having everyone be “Lord.”

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