Star Wars: The Old Republic RP Community Selects “Super Servers” for Roleplayers

Star Wars: The Old Republic RP Community Selects “Super Servers” for Roleplayers

You have possibly read our Community Spotlight interview with Miranda Quillen, one of the most active ladies behind the large community of roleplayers that is in the process of joining Star Wars: The Old Republic and revolving around If you didn’t yet, you should, as she shared a lot of interesting insight on what went on behind the scenes of building such a diverse and interesting community.

Today the early access to the game has begun, and the first few waves of invites have already been sent. The SWTOR-RP Community has claimed it’s chosen servers, result of the “RP Super-servers” project, that started with a lot of behind-the-scenes preparation and culminated with two large meetings between the leaders of the most prominent RP guilds that will join the game, held both in the US and in Europe. 

The two chosen servers are Lord Adraas (I won’t repeat here the nickname that the server already received, but I’m sure that you can guess it by yourself) for North American players, and The Progenitor for European players. Both servers are labeled as RP-PvE.

The RP Super-servers project aims to create large communities of roleplayers in both continents, focusing as many RP guilds as possible on the same servers and hopefully resulting in an environment in which roleplay is the norm and not an exception. Previous experiences have shown that simply labeling the servers as “RP” isn’t nearly enough to even partly achieve that result, so, as a dedicated roleplayer, I can definitely applaud all the effort that went into organizing this.

Personally, as soon as I’m given access to the game, I’ll land on Lord Adraas (I’m European, but I like ton infiltrate American servers) and join the forces of the Republic. If you like to roleplay and plan on playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, I definitely encourage you to do the same and join the RP community on Lord Adrasas or The Progenitor. If you’re still wondering about the game, you can read my preview here.