Star Wars: The Old Republic Server Rulesets Detailed

Star Wars: The Old Republic Server Rulesets Detailed

Bioware shared today the detailed breakdown of the server types that will be available in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Players will be able to chose between PvP, PvE, RP-PvP and RP-PvE servers.

In PvE servers players will have to manually flag themselves if they want to engage in any Player vs Player combat outside of the designated warzones.

In PvP server, outside of the safe areas (Origin worlds, Capital worlds and republic or imperial fleets), everything will be permitted in terms of PvP, ganking and duels. 

In the RP variation of both server types the rules above will be still valid, but players will be encouraged to talk and act as they were their characters.  So things like “AFK a moment. Pizza is here” will be generally frowned upon.

While it’s unclear if the RP rules will be specifically enforced or just encouraged, it’s nice to see that Bioware didn’t forget those that want to immerse themselves completely in the spirit of The Old Republic.