Star Wars: The Old Republic Still Has Queues… on it’s Website

Star Wars: The Old Republic Still Has Queues… on it’s Website

During the last Beta Weekend massive server queues shown an extremely high interest for Star Wars: The Old Republic, but now that the weekend is long over and only the fewer ongoing servers have access to the game, things have gone back to normal…

…Or so you’d think, as Star Wars: The Old Republic is still affected by queues (or “Waiting Rooms”, as Bioware defined them). This time it’s not in the game itself, but where you wouldn’t expect to see them: on the website.

Traffic on the SWTOR official website seems to be so massive that Bioware had to trottle it, enabling a queue screen upon login and making players wait for a countdown to expire before actually accessing their account.

Luckily, queues aren’t as long as those experienced in the Beta Weekend, as I had to wait one minute in the worst case, but this is honestly the first time I see a MMORPG website with queues.

While we still do not know if and how the Star Wars: The Old Republic will be successful upon launch and especially down the line, I’d say it’s pretty safe to assume that the interest for the game is through the roof, and definitely unprecedented for a new entry in the MMORPG market.