Star Wars: The Old Republic Subscriptions Drop to 1.3 Million

on May 7, 2012 7:00 PM

At an Electronic Arts earnings conference call today it was announced that subscriptions of the publisher’s new MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic had fallen s0mewhat drastically to 1.3 million. At a similar conference call near the beginning of the year EA announced that TOR had a playerbase of about 1.7 million subscribers, which means there was a drop of around 25%.

It should be noted however that a drop such as this is common with new MMO titles as players burn through the available content and leave for the next big title to hit a few months later. EA also seems confident that the two content packs scheduled for this quarter will turn the tide. The first, already released is Legacy, and the soon to arrive Alliances pack will feature a dungeon finder tool.

Still, The Old Republic could have another bump in the road, as the longest offered plan, a six month package many bought at the game’s December launch would not have expired yet. This could lead to another dip in subscription numbers over the next month or so, but we’re unlike to get more official numbers until the next quarter.

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