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Star Wars: The Old Republic Weekly Q&A Covers Appearances and Items

April 21, 2012

Each week BioWare puts out a new Q&A for their MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic. With the release of the massive Game Update 1.2 recently things have been a little hectic over there, and they didn’t get to do one last week. This week’s edition combines some different questions and tries to make up for lost time by addressing multiple topics across the spectrum of the game.

Join me after the break as we take a look through the responses provided by several of The Old Republic’s developers on questions that the fans submitted using TOR’s official forums. 

Character appearances are always a hot topic with players, and certainly have been in The Old Republic. While many people were unimpressed with the game’s character creator, BioWare has done well listening to the fans on features like color matching. Now we see confirmation that a hood toggle for robes is in the works, but that there is no ETA on it. In addition, the developers are considering some form of guild markings or emblems. Only time will tell if they go full guild tabbard, or just stamp your logo on armor, but it should be interesting to see what they come up with.

Speaking of robes, equipment and gear got some questions answered as well. While not specifically asked about it, Principal Lead Combat Designer, and the reason repair costs were so high, George Zoeller did let slip that they are planning to add a way to add the new augment slots to customizable gear in the future. If you’ve ever wondered at the odd choices of gear you can buy with planet commendations, usually just one or two slots, that’s intentional. BioWare wants you to get used to doing more then one activity for your gear.

If you’ve ever played the PvP Warzone Huttball, you’ve probably been frustrated by an interception at some point. PvP and Endgame Designer Game Amatangelo clarified the process saying that the ball goes to the player closest to the center of the reticule that isn’t stunned. On the subject of frustrations, it’s also been confirmed that deleting a character will not remove any legacy unlocks you earned with them, phew.

Adopt Me | Winter Update Trailer

Well that’s all for this week. Let’s hope they can keep things running smoothly and get another one out this coming Friday. If you want to get involved you can go over to the official forums now and post your questions for the development team.



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