StarBlood Arena Launches for PlayStation VR on April 12, 2017

StarBlood Arena Launches for PlayStation VR on April 12, 2017

Today, developer WhiteMoon Dreams announced that PlayStation VR shooter StarBlood Arena is set to launch on April 12, 2017 for $39.99 USD.

As you may remember, StarBlood Arena was first revealed during PSX 2016. It’s an arena combat shooter where you need to move, evade, and attack in any direction against pilots from every corner of the galaxy. In it, you fight for glory, credits, and your life as the StarBlood Network broadcasts every lawless match for the universe to see. According to WhiteMoon Dreams, whether it’s single player Carnage deathmatches, Team Carnage deathmatches, or Invaders co-op, you’ll be constantly challenged to step up your game and prove that you’ve got the skills to emerge victorious.

If you preorder the title you will receive  access to the StarBlood Arena Legends Pack – a downloadable add-on that will be available at launch.

This bonus “celebrates past champions of the competition” and features three unique character skins with matching ship hulls, including:

  • The Steel Hercules skin for The Baron – “A veteran of the arena, Steel Hercules will head-lock and body-slam his way to victory! Oh yeah!”
  • The El Diablo Azul skin for Buck – “This mysterious masked champion’s appetite for battle is matched only by his hunger for snacks!”
  • The Granny Granny Boom Boom skin for Alice – “She’s dusted off her explosives and is out to teach the young whippersnappers a lesson – and she’s tougher than any hard-candy!”

As an additional bonus, you’ll also get a slab of in-game cash – 10,000 Bloodbux.

WhiteMoon Dreams also released a new “rewind” trailer, which takes a deeper look at the PSX 2016 reveal trailer, and also provides a few new details. You can check it out below: