PlayStation VR Exclusive StarBlood Arena Getting Free Demo Tomorrow

PlayStation VR Exclusive StarBlood Arena Getting Free Demo Tomorrow

Players will be able to try out PS VR exclusive StarBlood Arena through a free demo starting tomorrow.

Today, developer WhiteMoon Dreams took to PlayStation Blog to announced that they will be releasing a demo for their multiplayer PlayStation VR exclusive shooter StarBlood Arena tomorrow. This demo lets players mess around in the games tutorial and get a feeling for the game’s mechanics.

In the same post, the developer also gives some tips for playing StarBlood Arena. The game uses head tracking technology for aiming, so it is smart to constantly be looking around yourself for enemies, whom you can also lock onto once you spot them. Each character can also drop mines, which stay placed in the map until someone activates them; this can makes the later parts of matches very dangerous if tons of mines are still active. If players do get into a sticky situation, they can boost out of it, which adds to the mobility of combat in StarBlood Arena. 

StarBlood Arena was first revealed last year during Sony’s PlayStation Experience Conference, before getting a release date in February and launching in April. The game garnered decent reviews, and a nice community has built up around it.

You can check out a trailer for the game below. StarBlood Arena is currently available exclusively on PlayStation VR.