Latest Starbround Update Lets You Become a Spacefaring Wild West Bounty Hunter

Starbound's 1.4 update lets players become bounty hunters, collect over 50 new rare elemental creatures, and drive a rad sports car.

By Ricky Frech

June 14, 2019

Chucklefish’s Starbound has been available to play since the game’s 2013 beta release. The game entered its 1.0 state back in 2016 and the team has constantly been working to provide timely updates and bug fixes. Chucklefish has now revealed the first trailer for the Bounty Hunter update. Watch it below.

The bounty hunting update brings Peacekeepers to the Starbound universe. You will join their ranks and work to fight the various criminal gangs that have taken up residence in your galaxy. As you collect more and more bounties, you’ll begin to be promoted through the Peacekeeper ranks and earn new rewards that will help you take on tougher targets.

Those gangs won’t be easy to take down, however. Each bounty quest will end in a heated final confrontation against the gang’s boss. These will take place in procedurally-generated microdungeons that serve as the criminals’ base of operations.

The update also adds over 50 elemental monster variants. These rare creatures are capturable, but fighting them will prove quite the test. There is also new furniture to collect and a number of new items to find. Personally, I’m most excited to drive around in that new red sports car.

There are numerous fixes and bug changes, as well. If you’d like to dig into the full update, you can read the patch notes on the Starbound devblog. It’s quite a bit of information, but most of it sounds fun to play with.

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Starbound is out now Linux, Mac, and PC. Go grab the update and get busy busting those rabble-rousers!

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