Starbreeze Says It's Trying to Reach a Solution for Overkill's The Walking Dead After Skybound Terminated Contract

Starbreeze is trying to salvage its work on Overkill's The Walking Dead even if Skybound seems to be not looking to play ball any further.

Yesterday, Skybound Entertainment announced that it was ending its contract with Starbreeze Publishing which allowed the latter company to utilize The Walking Dead IP for its game Overkill’s The Walking Dead. In the process of voiding this contract, it essentially ended all hope of the game’s future console release along with discontinuing to the already-released PC version.

Now, Starbreeze has responded to the news and says it is still actively trying to salvage the relationship with Skybound. In a new message posted on Stabreeze’s website, it was said that the publisher is still trying to reach a solution that will allow Overkill’s The Walking Dead to continue onward. Starbreeze also listed the sales from the fourth quarter of 2018, which were incredibly underwhelming.

Starbreeze’s statement in full on its website said the following:

Starbreeze has a dialogue with Skybound with the ambition to reach a solution. Starbreeze has been informed that the product likely will be disabled for further sales on the platform Steam and should Starbreeze and Skybound not reach a solution, it would mean that the game will not be made available for sale again on Steam, and that the console version would not be released.

Sales related to OTWD amounted to SEK 34.1 million in the fourth quarter 2018. Costs related to development of OTWD has so far exceeded revenue. There are no assets related to OTWD in Starbreeze Group balance sheet.

While Starbreeze doesn’t want to give up on Overkill’s The Walking Dead just yet, it seems like Skybound is just sort of done working with them at this point. In a statement from yesterday, Skybound said that the finished product of Overkill’s The Walking Dead never reached the standards they were promised. We concurred with this sentiment, as seen in our own review.

Whether Starbreeze and Skybound will be able to work things out remains to be seen but that possibility doesn’t seem likely. As was mentioned in the above statement, Overkill’s The Walking Dead has also now been removed from Steam, so the ability to purchase the game has already been lost.

It’s been a rough few months for Starbreeze and considering it hasn’t even recouped its costs put into developing Overkill’s The Walking Dead is likely going to hurt the publishing company for the foreseeable future. If this story develops any further, we’ll let you know.

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