Starbucks Turns Nearly 7,800 Locations into Pokemon GO Gyms/PokeStops Today

on December 8, 2016 11:41 AM

Pokemon GO became a national sensation during its launch this past summer, and following the support of franchises such as McDonald’s, over 7,800 Gyms and PokeStops will be available to players today thanks to the support of Starbucks.

In an update from the company today, Starbucks has announced that approximately 7,800 of its locations across the US will begin turning into PokeStops and Gyms for Pokemon GO today, December 8th, at 11am PT. Like other locations in the game, players will now be able to hit up local Starbucks stores as locations to battle other players, grab items, and catch nearby Pokemon.

Along with the store’s support of in-game locations, Starbucks is also releasing a special limited edition drink to coincide with the new Gyms/PokeStops called the Pokemon GO Frappuccino, which is a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino drink blended with raspberry syrup, freeze-dried whole blackberries, and whipped cream topping as the “perfect treat for any Pokemon Trainer on the go.”

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android.

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