Starcraft II Balance Designer Loses to Some Guy

on December 28, 2010 5:00 PM

Starcraft II Balance Designer Loses to Some Guy

In a shocking turn of events, Starcraft veteran and head balance designer for Starcraft II, David Kim, was defeated in a five-game series against some dude named GnoME. Seriously, no one knows anything about this guy. The series was the grand finals of an in-house tournament to determine the best player in the Blizzard North American offices, so there was quite a bit on the line for our friend David, or as he’s known on the North American ladder, dayvie. Kim is routinely near the top of the ladder, and obviously, it’s sort of his job to know Starcraft II inside and out, so it should go without saying that this was something of an upset.

The tournament itself was not public, but the replays of the finals games were somehow leaked, and veteran commentator Sean “Day[9]” Plott got his hands on them, so he naturally casted all five and put them up on his website. You can see all the games, beginning with the first, right here. They’re ridiculously epic, and since both players play random races each time, the match-ups are never the same and everything stays exciting.


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