StarCraft II Beta Extended By a Week

StarCraft II Beta Extended By a Week


Yes, Blizzard has felt pity on all the souls of those who’s life would be over if the StarCraft II beta ended Monday, May 31, which is the original date they were going to take things down for the time being.

Instead, the Blizzard Community Manager Nethaera had this to say yesterday:

We previously announced that the first phase of the StarCraft II beta test would be coming to a close in all regions on Monday, May 31. In order to prepare for the final phase of beta testing, we plan to extend the current phase in all regions until Monday, June 7. After this date, the beta test will be unavailable for several weeks while we make some hardware and software configuration changes for the final phase of the beta test and the release of the game. We plan to bring the beta test back online for a couple of weeks prior to the game’s launch to complete our testing. We’ll have more details to share about when this final phase will begin at a later date.

Take comfort all you StarCraft II junkies, your life has been extended by a week.