Starcraft II Gear Starts to Show Up

Starcraft II Gear Starts to Show Up

You know a game is popular when, months (or years?) before release, various collectibles show up for purchase.  I’m sure there will be a large influx of licensed swag surrounding Starcraft II‘s release next  year, but starting this early really gives you just a small hint of how popular the franchise is.  I’m sure Blizzard likes it that way.

So far all I see is a Zerg messenger bag, but its definitely pretty cool looking.  You know, I’ve never been much into RTS titles or the Starcraft games specifically, but man, Blizzard is sure making me very interested, very fast.

According to the Razor Starcraft II site:

“Razer™, a leading manufacturer of high-end precision gaming and lifestyle peripherals, has joined forces with Blizzard Entertainment, a premier developer and publisher of entertainment software, to co-develop StarCraft® II gaming peripherals powered by Razer technology. With the upcoming launch of StarCraft II, Razer and Blizzard Entertainment are collaborating on bringing gamers a quality tournament-grade mouse, keyboard and headset specifically designed to maximize the StarCraft II gameplay experience.

There’s also a place to sign up for a newsletter when more items are added to the store, so that’s something you’ll want to keep your eye on if you can’t wait to give Blizzard more of your money.  You know you want to!

One response to “Starcraft II Gear Starts to Show Up”

  1. Al Zamora says:

    I want a Zerg lunchbox for Xmas, lol