StarCraft II Has Adults Only Rating in Korea

StarCraft II Has Adults Only Rating in Korea

There is only one way to stop a zerg rush of StarCraft II in Korea, and that is an Adults Only rating. StarCraft is a pretty big deal in Korea, not only are tournament players treated like rock stars, but it is also the country that Blizzard chose to announced StarCraft II in May of 2007. Starcraft II has been struck a pretty serious blow with a recent rating of Adults Only in Korea.


The rating issued by Korea’s Games Rating Board could adversely affect the sales of the immensely popular sci-fi real-time strategy game. The ratings board has been reported to be getting tougher of depictions of violence, foul language, and drug use.

Previous builds of the game submitted for ratings, including an “Alpha” version and a “Skirmish” version, were rated for 15 years old and up crowd. The original StarCraft game was rated for players 12 and up.

Blizzard can object to StarCraft II’s adults-only rating within the next 30 days.