StarCraft II Will Be Censored in South Korea

StarCraft II Will Be Censored in South Korea


Remember a while back, after Blizzard submitted an early copy of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty to the game ratings board in Korea and they gave it an “Adults Only” rating? Well, we seem to have a resolution to this issue, at least for now. A Korean e-sports site made mention of the few changes Blizzard has made to the game to drop that obscenely undesirable rating.

It seems Blizzard changed the color of the blood in the game to black, removed vulgar language and took out any references to tobacco products. The game now has a “No Smoking” rating in South Korea, folks. Or, rather, a 12+ rating, which the original StarCraft held.

This whole debacle may or may not be over, as Blizzard may decide to release two versions in the country or possibly return to appeal the “Adults Only” rating altogether. For now, though, it appears as if Koreans will be getting a slightly censored version of the popular RTS title. I’m sure your status as a deity in South Korea will remain, Blizzard, not to worry. Be happy.