Starcraft: Remastered Gets an Amazing New Graphics Pack Created by Carbot

Starcraft: Remastered has a fresh coat of paint in the form of a Carbot graphics pack that makes the classic RTS look like a Saturday morning cartoon.

When Starcraft: Remastered came out in 2017, the original game and its expansion Brood War were completely updated for modern PCs. The whole thing got a shiny, new coat of paint in both graphics and audio. Next month, the game is getting a whole new style. The incredible looking graphics pack takes the art style of Carbot (who is a well-known YouTuber in Blizzard circles) and plasters it all over the classic RTS. Check out a short trailer from Carbot below to see the graphics pack in action.

As you can see, the update makes this look like a “whole new game”. That cutesy, cartoon style looks right out of the many Starcraft ripoff flash games from the early 2000s. Obviously, this is much crisper than those games, but it certainly has that Newgrounds feel. Carbot and his team spent over a year making this pack and it absolutely shows in the quality of the visuals.

The great part is that you can use this pack in every mode. The entire game has been “Carbotified”. Hopefully, we see this style used in tournaments going forward. I know I’d be much more likely to jump into a Starcraft: Remastered stream if I saw this pack being used. I can’t wait to see the Korean Starcraft League finals played in “Carbot mode” next season. Make it happen, Blizzard!

Starcraft: Remastered is available now on Mac and PC. The Carbot graphics pack will be releasing on July 10, so make sure to get the game installed before then.

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