Starcraft Themed Car Paint Job

Starcraft Themed Car Paint Job

Do you love Starcraft?  Do you spend countless hours in front of your computer, in a darkly lit room, playing the game night and day?  Do you wet your pants in anticipation of any morsel of new information about Starcraft II?  Do you want the devs at Blizzard to have your babies?  If so, then you might want to look into doing something like this guy did – he painted the entire interior and exterior of his car in a Starcraft theme.  There’s even window decals.  Its sometimes mind-boggling to see what some people will do to support a game they love, yet oh so cool at the same time.  I definitely wouldn’t mind being seen driving around in this thing.  How about you?


2 responses to “Starcraft Themed Car Paint Job”

  1. Evan Velez says:

    I wouldn’t mind driving anything, as long as it is better than my car. Seriously, my car is pretty bad.

  2. Al Zamora says:

    I like it just because its right hand drive hehe