Starcrawlers Makes 70% Of Its Kickstarter Goal and Is Greenlit Via Steam; Introduces Two Character Classes and Stretch Goals

Starcrawlers Makes 70% Of Its Kickstarter Goal and Is Greenlit Via Steam; Introduces Two Character Classes and Stretch Goals

It was only a little more than a week ago that Juggernaut games’ introduced its Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming sci-fi dungeon crawler RPG,Starcrawlers. Now the campaign has made more than 70% of its goal — currently at $47,626 pledged of its $65,000 dream — and has been recently Greenlit by the Steam Community in about the same time.

With that in mind, Juggernaut Games has been proud to introduced two of its classes briefly touched upon before — the Smuggler and the Engineer — and two of its stretch goals, all of which can be viewed below. This is all taken directly from the Kickstarter Campaign, which you can go to to contribute and support the game. And for more on the game, check out how Juggernaut wants you to steal, smuggle and hack your way across the universe.

Character Classes

Starcrawlers - The Smuggler

Equal parts agent-provocateur and con artist, the talented Smuggler can talk themselves into a good deal and shoot their way out of bad situation. Specializing in rapid, high risk / reward attacks, the Smuggler is not adverse to using their fellow crewmates as meatshields if their plan goes sideways. Gifted with the art of persuasion, they are highly valued allies in negotiations, risky business, and outright stealing things.

Potential Smuggler ability examples:

Shoot First (Passive): The Smuggler is always the first to act in combat, if possible.

Hot Streak (Combat): (Requires Weapon: Pistol) The Smuggler rushes forward, firing 2 times at the target for 100% weapon damage with each shot. Each time Hot Streak is used in succession, the damage is increased by 20%, the chance to hit reduced by 10%, and the number of shots fired increases by 1. If Hot Streak misses, the Smuggler’s weapon jams, stunning them for 1 turn.

Starcrawlers - The Engineer


When you make your living crawling through starship hulks and heavily fortified facilities, it pays to bring along someone who’s handy with a pneumato-wrench. The Engineer is all about upgrading your gear, downgrading your enemies, and assembling useful constructs on demand. While exploring, the Engineer is second-to-none when it comes to understanding and manipulating complex mechanical systems to clear a path or bend them to your will.

Potential Engineer ability examples:

Better, Faster, Stronger (Explore): The Engineer consumes a piece of Scrap to apply a temporary beneficial effect to a weapon, armor or shield item. The strength and duration of the effect scales with the value of the Scrap used.

Alarm-O-Droid (Combat): The Engineer activates an Alarm-O-Droid to draw the attention of the enemy. The Alarm-O-Droid enters the battle queue as a combatant. On the Alarm-O-Droid’s turn, it will run past all enemies and attempt to Taunt them. Taunted enemies are forced to focus their attacks on the Alarm-O-Droid on their next turn.

Stretch Goals

More Portrait Variations! Our first big stretch goal at 70k is to create alternate male / female character portraits for every class, including any we unlock down the line at later stretch goals. With this goal achieved, we’ll be able to do full-detail illustrations of all the classes, from head head to toe, for both sexes, for all of the classes.

More Character Classes! Adding more unique character classes is something we’d love to do! A class is comprised of dozens of abilities, dialogue choices, event interactions, items loadouts, and more, making them some of the most complex features to integrate, test and balance. We wanted to reserve adding additional character classes for stretch goals to ensure we’re not reaching beyond our grasp by promising too much too soon.

That said, if we can reach the major milestone at 75k, all backers will get an opportunity to cast their vote for the first class they’d like to add to the game. With extra resources, we’ll be able to make the game even better by adding in more awesome classes.