Stardew Valley Gets a Big, New Content Update Later This Month

Stardew Valley gets its 1.4 update later this month, which adds new end-game content, fixes most bugs, and provides new quality-of-life improvements.

November 13, 2019

Stardew Valley is an incredible throwback to Harvest Moon games of old that lit the indie scene on fire when it released in 2016. With a massive success on his hands, developer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone could have done pretty much anything he wanted. It turns out, he wanted to make Stardew even better. In the years since Barone brought the game to basically everything, and it has received massive updates like the addition of multiplayer. The latest update, 1.4, is a sizeable undertaking that Barone says updates nearly every aspect of the game.

One of main things Barone focused on with this update was “polishing” up Stardew Valley. He’s gone through the code with a fine-toothed comb and tried to untangle any lingering threads. Additionally, he says the game will have several new quality of life features; however, he didn’t really dive into what exactly those are. That said, Stardew was already a game with appeal to nearly everyone, so making it even easier to jump in seems like a smart idea.


Of course, the update isn’t without new content. Barone was hesitant to really delve into everything coming with the update. Instead, he prefers to let players discover everything on their own. However, he made it clear that everything is “expanded or improved” and he’s added quite a bit of end-game content. A good example of this is that now every potential spouse has their own unique 14-heart event. It may sound small, but it should add replay value for many players.

Personally, I think this update sounds great. I put about 100 hours into Stardew when it first launched on PC, and have since purchased and played through it on PS4 and mobile. By giving me even more to do in the end game, Barone has basically guaranteed I’ll be playing through a fourth time.

Stardew Valley is available now on pretty much anything. The 1.4 update will be out on PC on November 26, with console and mobile to follow.


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