Stardew Valley Switch Update - What Will it Add, When is it Coming?

Let's take a look at the evidence and see if we can work out when the Stardew Valley 1.5 update will reach Nintendo Switch.

PC players of hit indie game Stardew Valley have been enjoying the latest update for a while now. The patch hit PC’s before Christmas last year. That means Nintendo Switch players have been left waiting and wondering when they get the Stardew Valley Switch update. Let’s take a look at everything we know so far and see if we can figure out when the update will drop on Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Stardew Valley Update 1.5 – What does it include?

The answer is a lot! The game offers the players the opportunity to start new farms on a beach, adds hundreds of new items, quality of life changes, quests, crops, animals and so, so much more. It also adds a whole new island and a raft of multiplayer changes.

ConcernedApe’s full patch notes can be found right here.

Stardew Valley Switch Update – Here’s everything we know.

The main hint at when the Stardew Valley Switch update will arrive came from the game’s developer ConcernedApe’s Twitter account.

Back on January 23, the account tweeted that the console version of the update had been submitted for certification. This means that Nintendo, as well as Sony and Microsoft, will be assessing the update.

ConcernedApe also put out a Tweet at the end of last year stating, “The 1.5 update will be coming to consoles early next year. It’s possible it could be ready by the end of January but I can’t guarantee that yet.” This means that it’s missed it’s January estimate, but must be close.

How long will the certification take?

That depends. Each company will have different testing methods and will need to assess all of the content to ensure it works and is suitable for their consoles. That means, even though we’re already over two weeks since submission, we could still be waiting longer, especially as Nintendo is generally one of the more rigorous testers. Saying that, however, I can’t imagine it will take much longer as the average wait time is usually between 10-14 days.

After approval, it’s then down to ConcernedApe. They will decide on an aligned release date across all platforms and inform players that it is coming. My guess, this will be before the end of February

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