Stardew Valley Will Get Bananas in Its Next Update

Stardew Valley Will Get Bananas in Its Next Update

Bananananana trees.

Stardew Valley looks as if it’s going to be getting a bunch of new fruit trees after a Twitter poll has decided the fate of the first tree to start making its way into the farming simulator game.

ConcernedApe, otherwise known as Eric Barone, put a Twitter poll up on April 7, stating that “The next update will include the following fruit tree,” and the introduced 4 options. Voters were given the choice to vote for avocado trees, banana trees, mango trees, or passionfruit trees.

The final results ended with 123,248 votes in total, with banana trees being the clear winner, although only just as mango trees were close behind. ConcernedApe thanked fans for voting and showed off a screenshot of an in-game farmer holding an in-game banana above their head indicating that the fruit has already been implemented into the game and is update ready.

What’s even more interesting, ConcernedApe says, “Looks like mango is the runner up…” which could indicate that mango trees may also be heading to the game.

For those who are incredibly knowledgeable in fruit and such, you’ll also be glad to know that ConcernedApe has, since posting this poll, learned that palm trees are a type of grass and that passion fruit grows on a vine.

It’s not clear when the next update for Stardew Valley will land, but now I’m expecting a bunch of new recipes that may possibly come with the introduction of new fruits. If you’re still wanting to pick the game up, you’ll find that Stardew Valley is available for PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.