Stardew Valley Becomes a Battle Royale with New Mod

Well, I can't say I saw this one coming.

By Michael Ruiz

January 6, 2019

My friends and I always joke about which existing games would be great as a battle royale. I still think the mechanics of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain would be great for the genre. Regardless, out of all the games discussed, there was never a time when Stardew Valley was mentioned. Turns out Nexus Mods user Ilyaki thought the RPG’s framework would be great as a battle royale as a new PC mod aptly title Battle Royalley is now available for the game.

At the beginning of a game, up to 100 farmers will be scattered on Stardew Valley’s map. Like many battle royale games before it, the border of the map will gradually close in as the game progresses. You’ll scavenge for weapons, healing items, and other helpful items to help you be the last farmer standing. Taking cues from Fortnite, you’ll also be able to chop down trees to strategically build fences. Some “high-level tactical gameplay” involving fence building can be seen in the following video:

If you plan on hosting your own game of Battle Royalley, there are a number of configurations you can customize. This includes the number of player slots, player spawn locations, chest spawn locations, and storm phases.  Directions on how to do this, as well as install the mod itself, is available on Nexus Mods.

This mod is possible thanks to Stardew Valley‘s multiplayer update which was released last year. This allowed up to four players farm, explore, and get married in the game. The update is currently available for PC, Mac, Linux, and Nintendo Switch version. The update has yet to arrive on PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

While this new mode was made by the community, there are still plans to continue updating Stardew Valley as noted in a recent blog post from the game’s developer.

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