This Stardew Valley Art Perfectly Captures the Spirit of the Town

This Stardew Valley Art Perfectly Captures the Spirit of the Town

Stardew Valley art is always a joy to see; however, this new character portrait series is a step above the rest. Give it a look.

Stardew Valley fans should soon be getting the 1.5 update on consoles. That, of course, means tons of new items, features, and quality of life changes coming to the game. While we wait, there’s still plenty of fun to be had thanks to the community. One Reddit user named chuckhopefinder has been producing incredible Stardew Valley art in the form of character portraits. The full series isn’t complete just yet, but everything they’ve produced thus far is so good that I can’t help but share it. Give it a look.

Stardew Valley Character Portrait Series- Morris from StardewValley

The first one up is this drawing of Morris. If you don’t remember him from the game, he’s the manager of Joja Mart, the insidious convenience store in Stardew Valley. Morris doesn’t usually get much in the way of fan art, so I wanted to lead with him. I really love what the artist has done here in turning Morris into some kind of Disney movie villain. Next up, is this picture of Marnie.

Stardew Valley Character Portrait Series- Marnie from StardewValley

As you can see, this is a shot of Marnie stealing Mayor Lewis’ underwear. Maybe an odd idea for a character portrait, but it works for me. I really love Marnie’s expression in this picture. She looks exactly how you’d imagine someone would if they got caught stealing someone’s undies.

Stardew Valley Character Portraits- Elliott from StardewValley

I’ll end with this shot of Elliot just looking way too handsome. He is unfairly pretty in this shot. Just look at that head of hair! My balding head would kill for that mane. Of course, the artist has a few other pieces you can check out, and they should keep updating us with more pieces of Stardew Valley art over the next few weeks. So, be sure to check back.

Stardew Valley is available now on Mobile, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.