Stardew Valley's Publisher Chucklefish Partners with Starmancer Kickstarter Campaign

PC-exclusive Starmancer is getting some headliner backing from Stardew Valley publisher, Chucklfish LTD, according to a new tweet.

As an indie developer, you must know that you are onto something when you are getting partnership deals with the same label that pushed Stardew Valley to stardom. And that is exactly where developer Ominux Games finds themselves. The two-person Michigan-based studio just got official backing by Chucklefish LTD to partner with Starmancer.

Announced via a tweet yesterday, Chucklefish announced the partnership with Starmancer (while asking everyone to support):

Haven’t heard of Starmancer yet? The game is essentially a space station building game, inspired by the likes of Dwarf Fortress. Following a cataclysmic event that makes Earth uninhabitable, humanity flees to the stars via these space stations. In this regard, you manage the space station and make sure life is sustainable, everyone is well fed, and humanity will move forward… or their consciousness anyway.

The game boasts the normal buzzwords: living sandbox, real consequences, crafting mechanics, character creators, etc. Even better, the game does boast a story so you aren’t completely lost in gameplay and have some motivation.

The project went live on Kickstarter in mid-February with the goal to raise $40,000. With six days left to go, the project has blown past that original funding goal, now sitting at just over $85,000 — hitting the reward tier for a custom soundtrack. Additionally, Starmancer already has a demo available if you are interested in trying the game out.

So far, Starmancer is only slated for a PC launch around January 2019. Check out the Kickstarter trailer, below:

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