Stardock Entertainment Announces Sorcerer King, Available on Steam Early Access

October 2, 2014

Stardock Entertainment revealed today Sorcerer King, a 4X game for PC available now on Steam Early Access. This new breed of strategy game puts players in a situation where they must stop a single, overwhelmingly enemy from destroying the world.

In Sorcerer King a doomsday counter is always advancing with players needing to constantly expand their kingdom to gather enough forces to stop the Sorcerer King’s apocalyptic plans. Only by recruiting powerful champions, crafting magical artifacts, expanding your kingdom and more will you be able to face this looming menace.

A sophisticated “Game Master” AI controls the Sorcerer Kin and creates unscripted assaults that will wreck havoc on your empire. Unlike traditional 4X games where evenly matched rival factions race toward diverse victory conditions, flips this notion on its head. Instead, the Sorcerer King only needs to destroy magical shards that occupy the world in order to enact devious plan. You must defend these shards, not plotting toward diplomatic or economic victory, in order to survive.


“Sorcerer King is a new model for 4X games,” said Derek Paxton, Vice President of Stardock Entertainment in an official statemtn. “Instead of competing against equal players, you’re behind the eight ball trying to stop the Sorcerer King and his minions from destroying the world. It’s strategy gaming under a guillotine.”

The Sorcerer King beta is available now on Steam Early Access with a planned full release for spring 2015. You can pick it up for a currently discounted price of $33.99.

Andrew Matt

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