Starfield Release Date Reportedly Confirmed by Industry Insider

Looks like Starfield isn't doom-ed yet. Let's hope it doesn't fallout before its release date.

Starfield was announced back in E3 2018 with little to no information around it but according to Jeff Grubb, the title is likely targeting a Q1 2022 release.

Back in 2020, Todd Howard expressed his appreciation for how fans were hyped for Starfield despite knowing nothing.

Well, we now have a few unofficial screenshots and even though fans knowing very little regarding Bethesda’s next big RPG, the current fanfare surrounding the mystery title is out of this world.

This brings us to the apparent release date for Starfield. Read on to learn about it!

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DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part Two | Official Trailer

DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part Two | Official Trailer

What Is The Release Date For Starfield?

According to reputed games journalist Jeff Grubb, Starfield won’t see the light of day until Q1 2022. This confirms a rumour we reported where Jason Schreier stated that Starfield will apparently not have a release date at any stage this year.

According to the tweet, it seems that Blessing Jr predicted that the game would come out at some stage next year with Grubb backing up his prophecy along he didn’t give any reasons to how he came about this nugget of information.

Of course, we haven’t heard anything official from Bethesda at this stage so anything currently said about Starfield‘s release date is taken with a pinch of salt.

What We Do Know so far About Starfield

The creators of Fallout and Skyrim launched a new franchise 25 years after their last one which was enough to propel their fans in a frenzy.

We then learned by Todd Howard that The Elder Scrolls and Starfield are being developed on Bethesda’s new engine. Speaking about this development, Howard said:

“Once we got on the new systems, the things we found we could do — and so it’s a major engine rewrite on that game. People who know me know I like to wait as long as possible to show stuff — so we’re closer to showing it than we were at the beginning of this conversation. I think it’s going to be something really, really special and we’re excited to work with Xbox on that.”

After that came a piece of blockbuster news for industry followers. Sony had reportedly offered exclusivity rights for Starfield before Microsoft acquired Bethesda. Well, if Sony had its eyes on this one, you can rest assured that it’s likely going to be a banger.

Finally, there are the many unofficial images doing the rounds on the internet that continues to intrigue fans. You can check a few of them here and here.

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Stay tuned to DualShockers to learn more about the latest on Starfield and whether the new Bethesda engine has its glitchy charm as well.

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