Square Enix Collective Selection StarFlint: The Blackhole Prophecy Sets Course for Kickstarter

We reported on the promising looking point n’ click adventure game, StarFlint: The Blackhole Prophecy, at the end of March. At that point, it had just been inducted into the Square Enix Collection and they were preparing for a crowdfunding phase. Well, that time has finally come as a Kickstarter campaign for the game started up just a while back.

The French studio Stunmason Games are looking for €35,000 (approx $40,000 USD) to fund their Lucas Art-like adventure. With 33 days to go, the team has already raised over 25% of their total goal. If the campaign is successful, StarFlint has an estimated release date of October 2018. The planned platforms for distribution are PC, Linux, Mac, and Xbox One.

The story features main characters Flint and Pixie as they explore a warring cosmos for anything to help them survive. However, the duo are happy just to kick back and not take things to seriously. However, as they are brought into a larger conspiracy that threatens the galaxy, they’ll have to use all their smuggling tricks to figure out just what’s going on.

The gameplay itself is a mix of a more comedic and mature adventure game narrative with management sim sections. Stunmason describe it as ‘Point’n’Click meets Fallout Shelter‘. They also go on to detail these planned features:

  • Not an episodic game – We will offer you a unique and full adventure with Starflint the Blackhole Prophecy. One complete game for your unique pleasure!
  • Choosiness On A Massive Scale – Players will make choices which affect the game, the future dialog with the NPC and their story.
  • A Living World – The goal is for everything to be interactive, to reward players who poke and prod at every last item and object with insight, secrets, and humor.
  • Multiple Protagonists – Each crew member will have his role to play, they are not just there to make the figuration!
  • Multiple endings – You will have the power to change the ending of your story, with complete freedom of approach and it’s down to your choices to change the end-game. The game has a great replayablility factor replay ability. We’d say this is like a Mass Effect or Blade Runner point’n’click game. Multiple possibilities and endings for Trixie and Flint during their journey!
  • Collectables and achievements – On each planet some collectible items will be hidden within the scenery. Starflint will be stuffed with many amusing achievements throughout the game.
  • A galaxy far far away – Explore the galaxy aboard your spaceship with your alien crew. You will meet many intriguing and suspicious aliens characters, in a universe where each race has their own culture. You will explore a wide range of planets, each different from the other, all even more dangerous than the other. The player will have to learn the language of a civilization, in order to understand and communicate with its members.
  • Cutscenes – Hundreds of Skits dialog: Skits, referred to as Chats (チャット Chatto?) in Japan, are short, optional, and often fully-voiced scenes that are animated in an anime cutout style, providing additional dialogue and interactions for the party outside of required story scenes.
  • Not For Kids – Complex relationships will be explored with themes of family, loss, and identity influenced by horror with blood contents, sci-fi, and mystery genres. StarFlint is an adult-themed video game. The player can make choices that will lead him to see some mature scenes.
  • Multiple languages – Starflint will be in English and French. The dialogs will be fully voiced in English! Others will follow or at worst the source files will be available to the community.

Speaking of languages, the developers note in the campaign page that English is not their first language and that there might be spelling mistakes in the demo. They go onto say that, ‘we will use the funds raised during this campaign to hire a professional translator!’

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As the Kickstarter seems to be going well this far, there are a few stretch goals on the horizon for the game. At €50,000 (approx $56,000 USD) StarFlint Shelter will be added, and at €75,000 (approx $84,000 USD) more planets, NPCs, puzzles, and stories will be created.

The graphics look incredible with character models full of personality and backgrounds full of detail. The dialogue and tone of the game are more on the cheeky side (Flint has a ‘Rudex’ condom in his inventory) and hopefully the writer will hit the same notes as Double Fine does with the comedy.

The campaign ends on June 23rd if you’d like to back the project. StarFlint also released has demo for all computer owners to try before donating, but Stunmason warns of possible bugs. The Kickstarter trailer is available below:




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