Star Fox-Horizons Website Isn't The Confirmation You Were Hoping For

By Chris Harding

April 1, 2015

Earlier today a new website launched that seemed to indicate that a new Star Fox was being developed in collaboration with Platinum Games. Unfortunately I have to be the bearer of bad news and for that, I am sorry.

The domain in question, doesn’t actually belong to Nintendo, it’s some French fella and it’s most likely a phishing scam.

A simple bit of research into the history of the domain shows that it was registered yesterday in France. What’s also interesting is that the details of the registrant match up to previously identified phishing websites, though the name does change from case to case, some details such as the postal code, phone number and a few others remain consistent.

The website claims that Platinum Games are working with Nintendo to bring a new Star Fox adventure to the Wii U and that it’ll release this winter, but ultimately it’s all the imaginative work of a fraudster.

So, to be clear, do not under any circumstances enter any personal details on the site or through any of the links on-site, it’s all designed to get your information.

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