Stargirl is Coming to Infinite Crisis Next Week

October 8, 2014

Turbine is adding another champion to the Infinite Crisis roster, this time in the form of Stargirl.

Unlike other heroes, the events that led to Courtney Whitmore dawning the persona of Stargirl were not a tragedy. Instead, it was the breakup of her parent’s marriage and her mother’s remarriage to a man named Pat Dugan that pushed her into heroism. Rummaging through Dugan’s belonging she stumbled across the gear of ‘The Star-Spangled Kid’ and realized that Pat had once been known as the sidekick ‘Stripesy.’ In an attempt to mock him, she wore the costume to a school dance, only for an old foe of the Star-Spangled kid to attack, thinking there was a new hero using the costume. Luckily, Dugan arrived in a mechanical suit of armor he had been working on to save her and the duo now work as a team with Courtney taking the name of Stargirl.


The character is a little more on the obscure side, but it is nice to see the game utilize someone who appeared in Infinite Crisis comics and isn’t just another form of Batman. Stargirl also had one of her last major confrontations with her nemesis Shiv in Infinite Crisis, so perhaps this could hint at a future character. Either way, I’d like to see some more characters get introduced, even if they weren’t a major player in Infinite Crisis, like Black Adam, Deathstroke and the Martian Manhunter to name a few

In the meantime, you can checkout the teaser for Stargirl below and a full breakdown of her skills and how she can be utilized in DC’s MOBA offering. Expect to be able to utilize her in an update coming to the game next week Wednesday, October 15th.

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