StarHawk Creator Denounces Ignorance on Frame Rates, PR inflating “40-ish” FPS to 60

on November 17, 2013 12:59 PM

In the war of numbers happening at the outset of the next generation we often see people and PR talking about 60 frames per second as some mysterious, magical achievement, despite the fact that not that many AAA games really manage to get there.

Lightbox Interactive President Dylan Jobe took to Twitter to express his disappointment about the fact that many industry professionals really can’t tell the difference.

DylanJobe DylanJobe2 DylanJobe3

Jobe also mentioned that PR reps often take advantage of people’s ignorance on the issue in order to sell the idea that a game is rendered at 60 frames per seconds when it’s actually nearer to 40. Can’t say that doesn’t dound familiar.DylanJobe4

It does ring quite true that often games advertised to be running at 60 FPS end up having quite a few frame rate dips, if not seeing a considerably lower constant FPS. Unfortunately, the fact that many simply won’t be able to tell is also true.

Personally, i feel that things would be much better if the attention were to shift a bit away from the numbers and more towards gameplay features, but such is the often contemptible nature of the PR beast.

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