Starhawk Gets Free Maps and Game Update

on August 10, 2012 11:54 AM

Sony has announced that a new update for Starhawk will be released today that will feature two new maps that are free of charge to players.

The patch will include:

  • Two new maps on Cypress for players to engage enemy forces on. These maps feature lush greenery and trees for players to take cover behind and make use of to set up ambushes against opponents.
  • The game has added Prestige Levels for those looking to get more out of the games leveling system and will contain Greek symbols to represent each prestige level.
  • A new space homeworld, Waypoint, has been added for players to party up, chat, and plan before joining into a game.
  • Game balances for teams that would be kept together in all cases has been adjusted to avoid mis-matched games in situations that should have split up teams.
  • Improved voice chat that is more stable with less connection issues
  • Push to Talk option added to voice chat so players can press on L3 to chat in game instead of automatic detection.
  • Players can now dismount while flying in a Starhawk if Vulture Jet Pack is equipped.
  • Bug fixes and more.

Starhawk players have a ton to look forward to and there is even more planned for patch 1.04. Full details on the patch can be checked out here.

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