Starhawk is 5-8 Hours Long

With the recent reveal of the Warhawk sequel, it was only a matter of time before its campaign completion time would be made known. Turns out it’s the typical eight hour long shooter but Lightbox higher up, Dylan Jobe, understands that this gameplay range is average. So it’s not like the developer is unaware.

“There is some concern sometimes, when a guy in the media will be like, ‘Oh my god, it’s too short for single-player.’ I just don’t see it that way.”

He goes on to say that most shooters nowadays can only be completed from start to finish in one way. Jobe assures us that Starhawk is different. If you play through the same missions, you’ll get a very different experience unlike “Halo”. These different experiences are building structures, unlocking new medals, and challenging yourself in combat sandbox ways. “You can get a lot of gameplay out of it.” Don’t worry though as multiplayer is the center front for Starhawk. “Multiplayer is really where the massive hours get logged.”


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