Starhawk Release Date Announced… Finally!

Starhawk Release Date Announced… Finally!

Ever since Starhawk was unveiled at last year’s E3, I have been slaving away trying to find the tiniest scrap of information regarding anything remotely resembling a release date for this game! Now, after many months of anguish (not really) I’m pleased to inform you that a release date has been set and we can all party now.

Thanks to the official Playstation Blog, now we know that Starhawk will release on May 8, 2012. One of the PS3’s most highly-anticipated titles finally has a release date and I can go pre-order it.

Along with this great news, the public beta is officially underway as of now and we have some very good information on it all, including a welcome video that literally welcomes you to the beta experience. You can check out the video right below:

These are the features that beta players will be able to experience:

• Classic Arcade Flight-Mode: Private Beta players asked for it and we’re happy to include the classic arcade flight from Warhawk.

• Host Migration: When the host leaves the game, the hosting duties transfer to another player and gameplay will continue, provided the option is checked.

• Language Support: European and Japanese languages are included. Korea, China, Latin America and Brazil will be in English…but these will include the appropriate languages for the full game.

• Skills: Players will be able to collect unique Skills to use in gameplay based on their performance. PlayStation Network Friend Integration: Friends status, messages, and friend requests.

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