Starlink: Battle for Atlas Adds New Content Just Before the Holidays

Starlink: Battle for Atlas Adds New Content Just Before the Holidays

Merry Christmas to all the space pilots out there!

Ubisoft Toronto is adding a brand new content to Starlink: Battle for Atlas right before Christmas, ensuring folks that get it for Christmas will have a nice, meaty patch to download before playing. This free DLC adds fan-requested features, such as a photo mode. The update is free to all players tomorrow on December 21 for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

There are three key new features being added in this content update. The first is a batch of new enemy types throughout the Atlas star system. These will introduce new gameplay mechanics for players to master. The second new addition is outlaw fortifications. These are enemy bases defended by a turret for players to clear out for more loot and experience if completed. As mentioned above, a photo mode will also be added to the game, allowing players to take snazzy screenshots of their ships in action.

The new trailer for the DLC shows off all of these new goodies. There are details on the new enemies, planet fuana, and items. You can watch the trailer below.

In our review of Starlink: Battle of Atlas, Michael Ruiz found Ubisoft’s foray into the toys-to-life space to be “a solid foundation if Ubisoft wants to make this into an ongoing franchise. Allowing you to play with or without the toys was a smart call.” Starlink: Battle for Atlas has been on sale quite a bit this holiday season. If you’d like to snag your own copy, you may do so on Amazon here.

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