Starlink: Battle for Atlas to Add More Star Fox Characters and Content for Switch

A spring update for Starlink: Battle for Atlas on Switch will provide more Star Fox characters and missions featuring the Star Wolf crew.

By Chris Compendio

February 13, 2019

Fans of the Star Fox series might be missing out on a full proper game, but this additional content for Starlink: Battle for Atlas might do for now. Along with playing as Fox McCloud, the rest of the Star Fox team of Falco Lombardi, Slippy Toad, and Peppy Hare are now playable, as revealed during the latest Nintendo Direct video presentation.

Along with Team Star Fox are their rivals from Star Wolf, namely the terrible trio of Pigma, Leon, and Andrew—players as the Star Fox pilots will be taking on Wolf’s lieutenants in new missions. Falco, Slippy, and Peppy can not only be playable for their own new series of missions, but also any of Fox’s previously released missions. Additionally, each of these new pilots will have their own abilities and skill trees.

Previously, we’ve seen Wolf O’Donnell and even big baddie Andross in Starlink, with the two characters even featured in a trailer. While we’ve seen the rest of the Star Fox crew before, this new content will be the first time Starlink players can take control of them in the pilot’s seat.

All of this is coming exclusively to the Switch version of toys-to-life game Starlink, for a spring update arriving in April of this year. The update will also come with new faction missions and even starship races, the latter which was briefly demonstrated in footage from the Direct.

Curiously, rumors of a Star Fox racing game have popped up every once in a while, leading many viewing the Direct to wonder if this is what became of the project or a pure coincidence. One such rumor that popped up was that Retro Studios was working on such a title, but that rumor is likely squashed with that team now working on the troubled Metroid Prime 4.

Naturally, only expect the Star Fox content to come exclusively to the Nintendo Switch version of Starlink, though all versions received a good amount of new content during the past holiday season. You can look back at a previous editorial from this site, describing how this game is what Star Fox should have evolved into.

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